1745 WILLIAM HUNTINGTON. Rare Baptist Calvinistic Revivalist Letter with Great Content!

1745 WILLIAM HUNTINGTON. Rare Baptist Calvinistic Revivalist Letter with Great Content!

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A very nice single page framing example autograph letter, unpublished, by William Huntington, one of the most interesting of the Calvinistic-Baptist revivalists of the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

Huntington [1745-1813], was a true Baptist radical. He was a strict Calvinist, often accusing of antinomianism, and he regularly professed that he believed Jesus would reveal him to have been a prophet at the judgment. He regularly professed having direct leading from the Spirit of God. Regardless of whether these instances were authentic, there is little doubt that he was a wheels-off preacher of the grace of Jesus, saw many evident instances of revival, and founded a string of important Baptist chapels that continue to this day. 

Fascinating article about him by Iain Murray of Banner of Truth, here: 


Addressed to James Barston of Leicester:

"This day is Monday the 6th of June [1808]; I am at present indisposed having last Saturday evening suffered a fit of the ague [probably influenza]. This day I also received yours. Next Sunday will be the 12th of June which will be our Ordinance day. When I have preached and broke bread on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, I will get ready for Leicester and will preach to you, if God permit, on Sunday the 19th day of this month. Next Sunday night I say I will open the chapel at Leicester, if God permit, on the 19th day of this month. Friend Terry [Garnet Terry, who had come to Christ under Huntington, but who had become more radical eschatologically] and I are accountable to one the same Master, and I have no doubt but time will tell who God owns, and whom He supports and honors. 

Love to all friends,

W.H.S.S. [i.e. William Huntington Saved Sinner].

William Huntington
Lady S Wrote This"

Letter is secretarial, but postscript and autograph Huntington's.