1776 NEW-ENGLAND CHRONICLE. Very rare Hymn on the American Independence

1776 NEW-ENGLAND CHRONICLE. Very rare Hymn on the American Independence

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A wonderful little untraced clipped from the New-England Chronicle, presumably of 1776 or thereabouts. We have been unable to trace it in any form or its having been printed subsequently. 


When o'er creation's boundless space
Nature in order rose,
Freedom, delighted, view'd the scene,
And there her temple chose.

Unnumber'd ages roll'd away,
At Heav'n's supreme behest,
And man, delighted, revell'd still
With native Freedom blest.

But curst Ambition, ruthless fiend!
From Hell's dark caverns came,
And O'er the face of Nature spread
Contention's growing flame.

Freedom, affrighted, fled the East,
Desponding and forlorn,
Where blood and slaughter clos'd the day,
And murder hail'd the morn.

At length, the fam'd Britannia's Isle,
She turn'd her devious way
Again her banners wav'd unfurl'd
And spread her lucid day.

But soon her restless, pow'rful foe
Her wand'ring steps pursu'd!
And like a whirlwind rushing forth
Again her pow'r subdued.

Across th' Atlantic wave she fled;
And with her little band
On fair Columbia's happy shores
She made her final stand.

Beneath her ever-fost'ring care, 
A Nation sprung to light;
While grateful myriads at her shrine
Her anxious cares requite.

Columbians! Hear the high command!
Th' Almighty's ux'd decree!
Though Empires fall, to rise no more,
Columbia SHALL be FREE!

2.5 x 6 inches.