1820-1850 JEWISH MISSIONS. Important Sammelband of 26 Sermons & Tracts on Jewish Missions

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A wonderful custom assemblage, probably gathered and bound c.1850, of some 26 tracts, sermons, and pamphlets largely related to the work of missions to the Jewish people. It would take, well, years and significantly more money to reassemble.

Items include: 

1 God's Remedy for Guilt 8pp

2 Tract for Bartholomew's Day 1845 16pp

3 False Prophets by William Graham Newcastle 1780 68pp

4 Prosperity of Church by B Parsons 1833 32pp

5 Counsel to Congregational Controversy 1832 41pp

6 Attempts to Convert Jews 16pp

7 True Messiah; A Sermon to Jews by C S Hawtrey 1820 22pp

8 Address to Israelites 1820 11pp

9 Open Communion by J Neve 1838 16pp

10 Two Letters to Amsterdam concerning Jews 1819 71pp

11 Triumph of Jesus over Mohammed 1819 24pp

12 Gospel in OT for Jews 1819 12pp 

13 Address to Plymouth Wesleyans by W Beal 12pp

14 Sixteen Short Sermons 20pp 

15 Farewell Mission Sermon by William Ore Launceston 1821 22pp

16  Gospel in OT for Jews Charles Simeon 1819 12pp 

17 Sermon by John Wesley 16pp

18 Tract against Sinless Perfection by William Coles 1832 15pp

19 Account of Mrs Hayes for Bethel Society 12pp

20 Happy Death of E Stanley Sailor 14pp

21 Address to Jews 1820 24pp

 22 Account of Polish Rabbi 8pp

23 John the Baptist 1818 12pp

24 Conversion of Jew; T John Baptised 1692 1819 24pp

25 Address to Jews 1820 11pp

26 Peter Apostle of Circumcision 1818 42pp