1832-1837 THE CHRISTIAN PILOT MAGAZINE. Important Revivalist Christian Universalist Periodical - Mormons &c.
1832-1837 THE CHRISTIAN PILOT MAGAZINE. Important Revivalist Christian Universalist Periodical - Mormons &c.
1832-1837 THE CHRISTIAN PILOT MAGAZINE. Important Revivalist Christian Universalist Periodical - Mormons &c.
1832-1837 THE CHRISTIAN PILOT MAGAZINE. Important Revivalist Christian Universalist Periodical - Mormons &c.

1832-1837 THE CHRISTIAN PILOT MAGAZINE. Important Revivalist Christian Universalist Periodical - Mormons &c.

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A very rare assemblage of three years of an important Christian Universalist periodical with deep interaction with the Second Great Awakening; Charles G. Finney, Jedediah Burchard, etc., The Universalists were actually quite heavily involved in local revivals, but believed the anxious bench and hell-fire and brimstone were unnecessary; it was not the love of God that needed to be received, but realized and experienced. It was already received. Also fascinating criticisms of the non-Universalist revivals where people committed suicide afterward or died of fear and exhaustion from trying to "pray through" to salvation. Also very early content on Mormonism, etc.

No copies of any month or year on the market at any price; an important historical production.

The first two are folios and the third is elephant folio size. All are worn, have been damp at some point, and have various stains, tears, etc., though no lacking text. 

Rayner, Menzies [Ed.] and S. Brimblecom, Z. Thompson[Asst. Eds.]. The Christian Pilot. Portland, Maine. Thursday, July 19, 1832 - Thursday, July 11, 1833. 208pp. 

Universalism above Par; Maine Convention of Universalists; The Cholera; On Universal Respect; Baptists Attend; Election and Reprobation; Fanaticism at the South [New Light Revivalism in Mississippi]; Protracted Meetings [Revivals]; On the Effects of True and False Religion Contrasted; Excommunication [of Baptists for embracing Universal Salvation in Christ]; Hell [history of the doctrine]; Christian Soldier; Capital Punishment; The Oath of Universalists; President Andrew Jackson and the Missionaries; A Solemn Prayer Meeting; Christian Preacher; Prayers of Arminians; Loss of Immortal Souls; Orthodox Liberality; Cruel Doctrines; Bigotry; Miracle of George Whitefield; Illustration of Calvinism; End of Christ's Kingdom; Moderate Calvinism; Male and Female Devils; Influence of Divine Love; Revivals no Religion!; Rev. John Wesley; Damnation of Little Children; Influence of the Doctrine of Universal Grace; The Anger of God; Christ's Answer to Satan; The Ministry of Reconciliation; Methodists vs. Universalists; Christ the First Fruits; The Feelings of Universalists; Revivals; The President's Proclamation; Conversion of the World; Calvinism and Arminianism; The Longsuffering of God is Salvation; Presbyterian Logica; Another George Whitefield Anecdote; Charity a Proof of Christianity; Suicide from Religious Excitement; A Dialogue between Calvin, Arminius, and Origen; Missionary Labors; The State of Retribution; Revival of Munchausen; Female Influence; False Views of Atonement; The Heathen Again; Fanaticism; Religious Insanity; Ancient and Modern Pharisees; Hades; Hell No Part of Creation; Parable of the Sheep and the Goats; etc. 


Rayner, Menzies [Ed.] and S. Brimblecom, Z. Thompson, and Menzies Rayner Jun. [Asst. Eds. and Proprietor and Printer]. The Christian Pilot. Portland, Maine. Thursday, July 17, 1834 - Thursday, July 9, 1835. 109pp. 

Endless Misery; Questions for Arminians; Questions for Calvinists; Partialism and Universalism: A Contrast; The Progress of Universalism; Proposal for a Volume of Sermons by James H. Bugbee; Afflicting Case of Suicide; Hypocrisy of Spiritual Slavery; Lectures on Revivals of Religion [an extensive series on revivals among the universalists; fascinating]; Universalism Considered; Objections to Endless Misery; Wrong Views of Universalism; Hear Dr. Adam Clarke [selections from his works that seem to reveal his tendencies toward universalism]; Limitarianism and Partialism; True Religion; Lewis C. Todd's Renunciation of Universalism; The Conversion of the World; Governor Livingston's Creed; Can the Immortal Spirit Suffer? The Kindness of God; Rejoicing in God as Our Father; Objection to Universalism: No Revivals; Revivalism in Salem [accounts of those driven insane under the threats of hell from revivalist Joel Hawes]; Death-Bed Tormentors; Partialism vs Justice; Dr. Wilson vs. Lyman Beecher; Important Article on Radical Revivalist, Jedediah Burchard; Christian Perfection; The Offspring of Mercy; Future Retribution; The Case of the Heathen; The Reign of Grace over Sin; Pseudo-Universalists; Duties of the Christian Ministry; Charles Wesley [on violent physical responses to the fear of hell]; Cruelty; The American Tract Society; Orthodox Logic; Another Piece of Jedediah Burchard; The Wiles of the Devil; Faith vs. Prayer; The Five Points of Universalism; Universalism not Infidelity; Is Man More Merciful than His Maker?. 

William A. Drew [Ed.] and Calvin Gardner, George Bates, D .D. Smith, and Z. Thompson [Asst. Eds.]. Gospel Banner and Maine Christian Pilot. Portland, Maine. Thursday, July 23, 1836 - Thursday, July 15, 1837. 208pp.

Views of Death; Bigotry and Its Cause; Universalism in Life and Death; Endless Misery Proved by Negation; Origin of Idolatry; Light of the World; The Perfect Wisdom of God; Two Tests of Truth; Future Rewards and Punishments; Mr. Rider's Lecture on Future (Endless) Punishment; Influence of Religious Creeds; Horrible Narrative of the Wreck of the Ship Francis Spaight; Friend A's Objections Further Considered; Reasons for Renouncing the Doctrine of Endless Punishment; Attempted Sale of a Wife at New York; Incidents in the Life of a Preacher; Popular Preachers; Heresy worse than Vice; Necessary Qualifications of a Minister; Horrible Accounts of Creek Indians Killing their Children rather than Letting them be Taken away by White People; Extraordinary Death Caused by Evangelist's Threatenings of Hell; A Hell for the Wicked; Humility; The Creek Indian War; The Destruction of the Wicked; Mr. Cox's Accusations; Reform of Baptists; Mormonism - Imposture - Quackery; History of Mormonism; The Triumphs of Faith; The Existence of the Paternal Nature of God; A Case of Insanity Brought on by a Child Habitually Standing on His Head; Why Do We Mourn; Society of Hell; Demoniacs] [A Series; A Sermon on False Teachers; The Admission of Michigan as a State to the Union; Important Questions with Scripture Answers; Capital Punishment; How Should we Fear God? Temperance vs. Abstinence; Ministerial Education; The Methodists Condemn Adam Clarke's Commentary; Runaway Apprentices; Defeat of the Seminole Indians of Florida; Ministerial Conduct; Declension in Orthodoxy; A Message from the President of the United States to Both Houses of Congress, December 1836 [Full text of the State of the Union by Andrew Jackson]; Heaven; The Kingdom of Heaven; Endless Misery; Revival in Hallowell; The Religion of Christ; Bad Translations [of the Bible; a seies]; Anti-Republican Principle; Unity among the Brethren; The Cause of Universalism in the West; Total Depravity; The Non-Intercourse of Sects; The Sting of Death; A Slanderer Exposed; Extract from the Farewell Address of President Andrew Jackson; Protracted Meetings [Revivals]; A Treaty with the Indians of Florida; A Search for the Truth; Last Days of Calvin; Endless Misery; The Tabernacle of God; Christ Our King; The Sympathy of the Saviour; Effects of Protracted Meetings [Revivals]; The Day of Pentecost; Unitarianism; Infidel Sophisms; The Slave Trade [Despair that Texas may become a slave state; 63 ships full of slaves wait off shore for the decision]; Apostolic Preaching; Baptist Bible; The Law of Love; Universalism a Pleasing Doctrine; Probation; Capital Trial of Children; Palmyra; Mixture of Good and Evil; The Inconsistency of the Doctrine of Endless Woe; etc. etc. etc.