1836 NATIONAL ATLAS WEEKLY. Indian Wars, Texas, Cholera, Charles Dickens, Negros & Slaves, &c.
1836 NATIONAL ATLAS WEEKLY. Indian Wars, Texas, Cholera, Charles Dickens, Negros & Slaves, &c.
1836 NATIONAL ATLAS WEEKLY. Indian Wars, Texas, Cholera, Charles Dickens, Negros & Slaves, &c.
1836 NATIONAL ATLAS WEEKLY. Indian Wars, Texas, Cholera, Charles Dickens, Negros & Slaves, &c.
1836 NATIONAL ATLAS WEEKLY. Indian Wars, Texas, Cholera, Charles Dickens, Negros & Slaves, &c.

1836 NATIONAL ATLAS WEEKLY. Indian Wars, Texas, Cholera, Charles Dickens, Negros & Slaves, &c.

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A superb volume of The National Atlas. It was an ambitious periodical, soliciting content [both fiction and non-fiction] from some of the most important authors of the day and lavishly illustrated with original woodcuts.

This particular issue contains a few Important and seemingly unrecorded prose works by The Milford Bard, John Lofland. See his fascinating biography here. And also a really interesting review of the first edition of The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens from the first edition, published without author in the United States. 

The National Atlas, and Tuesday Morning Mail. A Weekly Periodical for the Parlour. July 31, 1836 through January 24, 1837. Philadelphia. Samuel C. Atkinson. 1837.  416pp.

Contents include:

*The Mexican Republic


*Recollections of the Late Campaign in East Florida by James W Simmons [Series of First-Hand Articles: Mikasuky, Oceola, St. Johns, Indian Generals Jumper, Clinch, Thompson, Scalping, General GAines, battle of the Ouithlachoochy, etc.]

*An Address of M. B. Lamar to the Texian Army Upon Taking Command as the Major General, Calculated to Infuse Spirit, Zeal, and Patriotism in the Soldiers of Texas.

*Ambition by Frederick West

*The Shipwreck of the Ship Erie Caused by Water-Spout in Buenos Ayres

*Financial Fraud of Benjamin Rathbun of Buffalo

*Uttering [Issuing] Counterfeit Notes

*The Indian's Lament for the Great Wampanoag Chief, Metacom by James W. Simmons

*Thomas Jefferson by Giles M'Quiggin

*Creek Indian Squaw Poisons Eight Children to Avoid their Capture by White Men

*Halina Radzivil; Or, the Battle of Warsaw by Professor Barber

*The Adventure by William Hayne Simmons

*Conflict between General Andrew Jackson and Major Gates

*Pandemonium, Crime, and Depravity in New York

*The Rathbun Forgeries

*The Smuggler by James Sheridan Knowles

*The Voice of the Seminole [a poem on the Seminole Indians and the injustices against them; seemingly unpublished elsewhere]

*Preaching to the Insane

*Sentencing of Blood Thirsty Villain Ned Sprogel

*Article Calling for Limitation of the Presidency to One Term

*For the Ladies - The Viles of Anthracite Fires

*Interesting Natural Phenomena [First-hand account of Spectre Ships]

*Desultory Observations on the Sensibilities and Eccentricities of Men of Genius [Original]

*Account of Phrenology and a Detailed Brain Surgery on a Young Child

*Cholera in Charleston, South Carolina

*First-hand account of the Insurrection at Uraguay

*Philosophy of Vegetation by Milford Bard [John Lofland]

*Pennsylvania and Her Coal Interest

*Original Account of meeting the Assenaboine Indians at the Mouth of the Yellow Stone River, about "2000 miles" above St. Louis

*The Florida War

*A Letter from Lewis' Fork, Tributary of the Columbia River at the Foot of the Three Teton Mountains

*The Fratricide's Story

*A Case of Catalepsy

*The Two Students; Or Love and Crime by Milford Bard [John Lofland]

*Yankee Notions [Humorous poem on the American Revolution]

*A Concert of the Blind [under Mr. Schmitz from the Asylum of the Blind]

*Fascinating Review of The Pickwick Club, or The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens. Issued in 1836, it was issued anonymously by Carey, Lea, & Blanchard in the United States. Fascinating to hear blind reviews of Dickens first work. Extracts of it are printed here as well. 

*First-hand account of the Creek Indians at the Yellow Stone River

*A Chapter on Betting

*Fascinating account of a Female Burglar

*Alligator in the Delaware River

*A Female Duelist

*Loss of the Ship Bristol of New York

*Illegal Voting in Pennsylvania

*Emancipation of Woman from a Harem

*The Destructive Effects of Spirit Drinking

*Attempted Cure for Loquacity [woman stabbed herself in the throat to keep herself from talking too much]

*Government and Religion

*The Woodcutter. A Tale of the Mississippi by James Ruggles [Original]

*A True Ghost Story

*The Deaf Mute

*Message from the President of the United States [lengthy], Andrew Jackson

*The Indian Maiden's Prayer

*Christmas Calamities

*A Black Aristocrat Negro [Named George Washington Jefferson]

*A Remarkable Spectral Illusion by Dr. Brewster

*Blackbird, the Omaha Indian Chief

 *History of China

*The President's Message on the Texas Question

*Witch Creek. A Romance by Richard Evans [Original; re-published and commented on in The Supernatural Woman in American Popular Fiction 1800-1850]

*Aaron Burr

*Mary the Murderess

*Merinah. A Tale of the Emigrants [Original]

*On Yankee Girls

*The Abolition of Slavery

*Jack Robinson - The Negro Jail Breaker

*The Guillotine and Capital Punishment in France

*The Martyrs. A Tale of the American Revolution [Original]

*The Emigration of Foreign Paupers, etc. etc. 

Woodcuts include: Rome - The Form as Seen from the Capitoline Mount; Interior at the Golden Gate - Jerusalem; Bird's-Eye View of St. Peter's - Rome [43]; Hanover Terrace - London [88]; Foot of Market Street - Philadelphia [90]; The Palisade Rocks - Hudson River - New York [101]; The Erie Canal; The Bridge of Sighs - Venice; State House - Philadelphia; Cascade Creek - Pennsylvania [166]; Interior of the Catholic Cathedral at Baltimore [183]; Rock of Gibralter; Interior of Surry Institution - London [199]; Gate of the Temple of the Sun at Balbec; Gray's Ferry - Near Philadelphia [216]; Coblentz - Germany; The Philadelphia Exchange [229]; The City of Bruges - West Flanders; Pliniana; Entrance to the Mammoth Cave - Kentucky [248]; Interior of Covent Garden Theatre - London [263]; Trajan's Arch - Italy; Troy - New York [279]; Oporto Portugal; Borghese Palace - Rome; State-House - Lexington, Kentucky [295]; Interior of Drury Lane Theatre - London [311]; Venice - Italy; Benares - India; The Callery of Agalby [360]; Friends' Meeting House - Boston [378]; Loxley House; Notch of the White Mountains [390]; Dorsey's Gothic Mansion; Beaver Dam [407]; Columbia College - New York; etc. etc. 

Wonderful grouping of six full months, being the first issues ever of this important miscellany.