1858 PRAYER REVIVAL. Original Broadside to Prayer Revival Churches on Foreign Missions.

1858 PRAYER REVIVAL. Original Broadside to Prayer Revival Churches on Foreign Missions.

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This is an exceptional, physical item, perhaps unique in its preservation. During the time of the the great prayer revivals of 1857-1859, which affected churches in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and with hot spots around New England, there was a great optimism that this could and should result in a renewed emphasis on foreign missions. The present broadside was issued by the A.B.C.F.M. and would have been posted at Fulton Street and the other revival centers. Almost certainly a lone survivor. 

Addressed "To the Churches in the Great Revival" Boston: American Board of Commmissioners for Foreign Missions, Boston. 1858.

Broadside on light blue paper, 8 1.2 x 10 3/4, old fold creases, stored folded in half. A few minor edge tears. Overall good.  Inscribed  "Amn. N. C. F M., Ap. 1858" in contemporary hand on reverse. Very suitable for framing and display and a very rare revival ephemera survivor.

"American Board of Commmissioners for Foreign Missions" across top. Begins "To the Churches of the Great Revival," ends "By the Prudential Committee. S. L. Pomroy, Sec'y of the A. B. C. F. M, Missionary House, Boston, April 27, 1858."

The ABCFM pleads with those experiencing the outpouring, "Who will think of it, when so many hundreds of churches are revived, and when converts are multiplying more rapidly, it may be, than on the day of Pentecost? But may we not be blind to the fact, that the forces in the foreign field must be sustained, or give place to the enemy. The missions cannot operate much longer on their present scale, without enlarged receipts by the Board; nor be kept in favorable circumstances for the extension of this blessed revival among the millions for whom they are laboring."

An important item providing historical insight into the real workings of the church in the process of the prayer revival of the period.