1864 C. H. SPURGEON.  An Important Archive of Pamphlets on Baptism Controversy

1864 C. H. SPURGEON. An Important Archive of Pamphlets on Baptism Controversy

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The present represents a nearly irreproducible archive of ten pamphlets from the only significant theological controversy Spurgeon ever involved himself in. It began when he preached a scathing sermon against Baptismal Regeneration in 1864. He not only declared it unbiblical, but destructive and not consistent with a faithful Christian ministry.

From the perspective of Baptist history, it is telling that the only time he ever entered into the public fray in such a dramatic way was on the issue of believers' baptism.

Eleven pamphlets with not a single one of them on the market at any price. Includes Spurgeon's letters of withdrawal from the Evangelical Alliance, sermons in favor of [published by Passmore and Alabaster] Spurgeon and some against. Also includes the most charming production of the controversy, a satirical dream of Spurgeon with the Angel Gabriel written by John Bunyan II [pseud.] with a really fascinating satirical full page engraving on the cover. All published c.1864.

Wills, Charles. Baptismal Regeneration. A Letter to the Rev. C. H. Spurgeon Concerning His Sermon on Baptismal Regeneration.

Vindication. A Letter to the Rev. C. H. Spurgeon. By William Brock of Bloomsbury Chapel. London. Passmore and Alabaster.

Allen, Hugh. Baptism and the Church of England. A Sermon [re: Spurgeon on Baptismal Regeneration]

Hear Both Sides;  A Dialogue between two Clergymen on Baptismal Regeneration. 

Bellman, Robert A. Great is Diana: Or, Mother Church and the Babes. A Rejoinder to the Rev. Charles Wills’ Playful Tractate, Entitled. The Rev. C. H. Spurgeon Settled. London. Passmore and Alabaster.

Noel, Baptist W. The Evangelical Clergy Defended. A Letter to the Rev. C. H. Spurgeon in Reply to His Sermon on Baptismal Regeneration. London: James Paul.

Abbott, Walter G. Baptismal Regeneration. A Sermon Preached at S. Paul’s Walworth, on Sunday Evening, June 19th, 1864, being a Reply to a Sermon by the Rev. C. H. Spurgeon.

Palmer, William. The History and Mystery of Baptismal Regeneration . . . The Controversy Examined and summed Up.

Cozens, S. Spurgeon Right! And the Church of England Wrong! Or, Believers Baptism versus Baby Baptism.

Bunyan, John II [Pseud.]. Spurgeon’s Dream.

The only other controversy that even approached this was the short-lived smoking controversy. We sold a pamphlet from that on auction for thousands of dollars for just the one. This purchase for the discerning Baptist collector or for an archive or special collections section at a Baptist university.