1864 J. H. HINTON. The Complete Works in Seven Volumes. Rare Baptist Set

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Very scarce on the market at any price, and including the rare seventh supplemental volume. The set was originally scheduled to be complete in six. John Howard Hinton [1791-1873] was one of the most important Baptist theologians of the 19th century. He was secretary of the Baptist Missionary Society [1815-1818], the first Secretary of the Baptist Union [1841-1863], was one of the delegates to the now historic 1840 World's Anti-Slavery Convention, and it was his charge that helped rally the Baptists in the United States for the cause of Abolition. He writes:

“We have not been ignorant that slavery existed in the States, entailed, we are humbled and ashamed to acknowledge, by British influence, authority and example. But we had, until of late, no conception of the extent to which multitudes of professing Christians in your land, by indifference, by connivance, by apology, or by actual participation are implicated in it.” 

He wrote the biography of Baptist Missionary pioneer, William Knibb, was correspondent with William Carey, etc., etc. etc. 

The present works include: A Systematic Theology; A Response to James Haldane [the Scottish Baptist] on the Extent of the Atonement, A Treatise on Man's Responsibility, The Work of the Holy Spirit in Conversion, An Exposition of the Epistle to the Romans, On Prayer, On Immortality, On the Divine Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures, Means of Religious Revival, On Completeness of Ministerial Qualification, Individual Effort in the Conversion of Sinners Enforced, The Active Christian; or, Individual Effort for the Conversion of Sinners Directed, On Acquaintance with God, On God's Government of Man, The Influence of Religion in Promoting the Order and Happiness of the Families of the Working Classes, The Awakening Call, The Loveliness of Jesus, On Preaching, On Love to God, Christ Our Example in Suffering, The Ultimate Ground of Missionary Operations, Moderate Calvinism Re-Examined, etc. etc. etc. 

Hinton, John Howard. The Theological Works of the Rev. John Howard Hinton. Complete in Seven Volumes. London. Houlston & Wright. 1864-1865. First Edition. 3,000+pp. 

Good, solid set. Some rubbing at extremities of spine and corners, corners nearly all bumped. That said, very solid and clean. Very rare.