1866-1876 GOOD WORDS MAGAZINE. George MacDonald, Frances Ridley Havergal, Hesba Stretton, &c.
1866-1876 GOOD WORDS MAGAZINE. George MacDonald, Frances Ridley Havergal, Hesba Stretton, &c.

1866-1876 GOOD WORDS MAGAZINE. George MacDonald, Frances Ridley Havergal, Hesba Stretton, &c.

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A wonderful assemblage of 5 years, uniformly bound in half leather, of one of the best Scottish periodicals of the 19th century. Edited by Norman Macleod, and later by his son, it contained Scottish sermons, history, philosophy, fiction, and poetry from authors like George MacDonald, Frances Ridley Havergal, Hesba Stretton; and many others. It was also illustrated profusely by some of the most significant artists of the day. A lovely set loaded with excellent content. 

Macleod, Norman [ed.] Good Words for 1866, 1870, 1872, 1874, and 1876. London. Daldy, Isbister, & Co. 1866-1876. c.860pp each volume.

Illustrations by R. P. Leitch, M. E. Edwards, J. Wolf, E. W. Wimpriss, J. W. North, Francis Walker, Thomas Dalziel, John Leighton, G. J. Pinwell, J. B. Zwecker, Arthur Hughes, Edward Dalziel, C. F. Gordon Cumming, F. W. Lawson, A. J. C. Hare, W. J. Wiegand, Georges Du Maurier, etc. etc. etc. 

Large 4tos in matching half leather; all very solid condition. 1866 has more rubbing at extremities and 1872 has a surface breach to rear hinge not impacting structural integrity. Otherwise sound, attractive and really handsome on the shelf. 

Contents for 1866. Arkite Ceremonies in the Himalayas by William Simpson; Christianity Vindicated from its Alleged Tendencies toward Persecution; Christians with a Living Christ the Most Miserable of Men by Norman Macleod; The Late William Cowper; A Plea for Criminal Boys; The Dervishes of Syria; Effects of Intemperance on the Brain; The Fatherhood of God by E. H. Plumptre; Holiness Unto the Lord by C. J. Vaughan; A Sabbath Visit to a Jewish Synagogue by H. T. Armfield; Two Years among the Maoris; The Efficacy of Prayer by J. J. Stewart Perowne; Professors and Students During the Reformation; Religious Life in Palestine by David Brown; Society to Rescue Girls from the Work House; Walking Worthy of God by Macleod; etc.e tc. etc.

Contents for 1870. The Camisards by Samuel Smiles [series]; Christianity of the Present and the Future by Dean Henry Alford; Devoted Lives [Hans Egede; the Moravians; a Negro Mission, etc.]; Dragons and Dragon-Slayers; Dreams and their Interpretation from Rabbinical Sources; In the Himmalayas by Miss C. F. Gordon Cumming; Half Hours in Temple Church by C. J. Vaughan [series]; The Waldensians [Vaudois] by Samuel Smiles; Perhaps half a dozen original poems by Jean Ingelow, etc. 

Contents for 1872. Buddhist Preaching by H. Alabaster; John Macleod Campbell by Norman Macleod; Communism by J. Ll. Davies; Gideon by C. J. Vaughan; Printer's Bookmen by Eliza Meteyard; Quakers in Scotland by Alexander Allardyce; The Ratha Jathra of Serampore by Alexander Allardyce; Serbian Folk Lore [series]; Sermons Preached before the Queen at Balmoral [Tulloch, Macleod, Taylor, Watson, etc.]; A Great Solar Eruption by Richard A. Proctor; the Last Years of Ziegenbalg by W. Fleming Stevenson; The Carpenter by George Macdonald; The Old Garden by George Macdonald; Spiritual Songs form the German by George Macdonald; [three wonderful George MacDonald first editions]; etc.

Contents for 1874. The Calcutta Natives by James Allardyce; Seven Aspects of Christian Character by John S. Howson; The Fall of David by Norman Macleod; First Thoughts at Odd Times by W. Garden Blaikie; God a Consuming Fire by Samuel Cox; They Sung a Hymn by Norman Macleod; The Wrestling of Jacob by A. P. Stanley; The Three of Knowledge by Canon Kingsley; David Livingstone by Bartle Frere; Martin Luther by H. R. Haweis; Biography of Hannah More; The Interpretation of Jewish Prophecy by Stanley Leathes; Science and Religion by Principal Caird; Children's Triumph by Frances Ridley Havergal; Tiny Tokens by Frances Ridley Havergal; etc. etc. etc.

Contents for 1876. Natural History of Atheism by J. Stuart Blackie; Bosnian Fugitives by A. P. Irby; Continuity and Discontinuity in the Church by A. P. Stanley; In Iceland [series] by Miss Oswald; Fellowship of the Father with the So by Norman Macleod; Early Life of St. Peter by J. R. MacDuff; Prepare to meet Thy God by Canon Kingsley; Spiritual Religion by A. P. Stanley; Rainbow the Type of the Covenant by Canon Elliott; On Seeking God by Norman Macleod; A Sixteenth Century Revival by H. S. Fagan; The Parable of the Sower by Bishop Thirlwall; The Story of Life [series; first edition] by Hesba Stretton; Perfect Peace by Frances Ridley Havergal; etc. etc. etc.