1867 BAPTIST QUARTERLY. Rare 11 Year Run of Important American Baptist Magazine!

1867 BAPTIST QUARTERLY. Rare 11 Year Run of Important American Baptist Magazine!

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A wonderully preserved run of the first eleven years of The Baptist Quarterly Magazine, nearly 6,000 pages total, beginning in the year 1867, the first year ever issued, and running unbroken through 1877. 

This collection the original, custom bound set of Rev. J. N. Pease, 19th century Baptist Pastor from Sherwood, New York. Then, to Rice Seminary. 

Contents include: New England Ecclesiastical Legislation [Persecution of the Baptists]; Open Communion by G. D. B. Pepper; W. G. T. Shedd's History of Christian Doctrine; Francis Wayland; The Christian Sabbath; U. S. Christian Commission [History; Chaplaincy During Civil War] by W. C. Wilkinson [Extensive]; Dissent on the Communion Question by G. D. B. Pepper; Development versus Creation by Heman Lincoln; Christ's Exaltation and Second Coming by A. C. Kendrick; Baptism in the Greek Church by Albert N. Arnold; Three Methods of Preaching by John A. Broadus; Greek Text of the Apocalypse by Thomas J. Conant; Miracles by Robert E. Pattison; Exegesis of Hebrews XII 18-24; Modern Evolution Theories by George W. Samson; Baptist Doctrine and the Pulpit by G. D. B. Pepper, Thomas Munzer by Henry S. Burrage; Dr. Dale on Baptism; Baptism and Remission by James W. Willmarth; The Song of God by Alvah Hovey; Baptist Succession by W. W. Everts; Time of the Second Advent by Alvah Hovey; George Fox and the Early Friends by Norman Fox; Difficulties of Infant Baptism by A. N. Arnold; Suggestions for Expository Preaching by John A. Broadus; Infant Baptism an Invention of Men by Alvah Hovey; Cramp's History: A Review; Ancient Baptisteries; F. W. Robertson on Baptismal Regeneration by A. J. Gordon; The Religious Basis of Human Government by Alvah Hovey; The Mutural Relation of Baptism and Communion by George D. B. Pepper; Religious Intolerance in the Colony of Massachusetts Bay by Benjamin Franklin Bronson; Jewish Proselyte Baptism by C. H. Toy; Roger Williams as an Author by S. L. Caldwell; David Benedict the Baptist Historian by Henry C. Graves; The Pioneer Baptist Statesman John C. C. Clarke; As to Roger Williams by C. E. Barrows; The Sick and the Prayer of Faith by J. N. Folwell; Horatius B. Hackett by Henry S. Burrage; Education among the Baptists during the Last One Hundred Years by Henry M. King; The Parousia by George D. Boardman; Scientists and Theologians. How They Disagree and Why by Lewis E. Hicks; The Dramatic Element of Pulpit Oratory by J. Wheaton Smith; Present State of the Baptismal Controversy by Alvah Hovey; Sibboleth by I. N. Carman; The Puritan Exodus by T. J. Conant; The Missionary Future in Light of Prophecy by A. J. Gordon; Relation of Plato's Philosophy to Christian Truth by John L. Lincoln; The Church Distinguished from the Kingdom by E. J. Fish; Elements Essential to a True Theory of the Atonement by L. E. Smith; The Mutual Relation of Baptist Churches by W. H. H. Marsh; Baptists in the History of American Culture by W. H. Whitsitt; Darwinism by E. NIsbet; The Pilgrims and the Puritans by J. Chaplin; Girolamo Savonarola by George W. Anderson; The Relation of Prayer to Pastoral Efficiency by A. W. Goodnow; Tertullian on the Rite of Baptism by Alvah Hovey; Baptist Historical Society by Howard Malcolm; Life and Times of John Leland by J. Torrey Smith; The Bible and the State by William C. Conant; The Baptism of the Holy Ghost by D. C. Eddy; etc., etc., etc. 

An attractive set with only one volume having a chipped spine and detached boards, another with shaken boards, remainder all very solid and attractive as shown.

1867 [Good, half leather, rubbed through at spots; ex library]; 1868 [Good, half leather, rubbed; no general title; ex library]; 1869 [Good, half leather, rubbed; ex library]; 1870 [Good, half leather; rubbed; ex library]; 1871 [Good - to fair; rubbed; solid; ex library]; 1872 [Good- ; half leather, rubbed, small nicks to leather; boards quite weak; ex library]; 1873 [Good; half leather; rubbed; ex library] 1874 [Good; half leather; rubbed; ex library]; 1875 [Good; half leather; Rubbed; Ex library] 1876 [Fair; board detached; Spine chipped; Else solid and clean; Ex library]; 1877 [Good, half leather, rubbed, ex library];