1873-1880 EDWARD HINE. Run of 7 Scarce Volumes of British-Israelite Periodical "Life from the Dead."
1873-1880 EDWARD HINE. Run of 7 Scarce Volumes of British-Israelite Periodical "Life from the Dead."
1873-1880 EDWARD HINE. Run of 7 Scarce Volumes of British-Israelite Periodical "Life from the Dead."
1873-1880 EDWARD HINE. Run of 7 Scarce Volumes of British-Israelite Periodical "Life from the Dead."
1873-1880 EDWARD HINE. Run of 7 Scarce Volumes of British-Israelite Periodical "Life from the Dead."
1873-1880 EDWARD HINE. Run of 7 Scarce Volumes of British-Israelite Periodical "Life from the Dead."
1873-1880 EDWARD HINE. Run of 7 Scarce Volumes of British-Israelite Periodical "Life from the Dead."
1873-1880 EDWARD HINE. Run of 7 Scarce Volumes of British-Israelite Periodical "Life from the Dead."

1873-1880 EDWARD HINE. Run of 7 Scarce Volumes of British-Israelite Periodical "Life from the Dead."

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The only such run we have ever laid eyes on, this is the first seven volumes [bound in three] of leading Anglo-Israelite / British-Israelite advocate, Edward Hine. Even one volume can sell for hundreds of dollars each . . . that is when one even shows up on the market. 

Also includes a couple miscellaneous works by Hine, etc., bound in as well. 

Edward Hine (10 February 1825 – 15 October 1891) was an influential proponent of British Israelism in the 1870s and 1880s, drawing on the earlier work of Richard Brothers (1794) and John Wilson (1840). Hine went as far as to conclude that "It is an utter impossibility for England ever to be defeated. And this is another result arising entirely from the fact of our being Israel."

Originally a bank clerk, Hine claimed that he had been initially inspired, at just 15 years of age, by the ideas  at a lecture given by Wilson. Hine then dedicated himself to study and did not publish on the topic himself for nearly thirty years, giving his first public lecture in 1869. Shortly thereafter, Hine published a weekly journal, The Nation's Leader, and a monthly magazine, Life from the Dead (from 1873 onwards). In 1880, Hine founded his own British Israel organization, "The British-Israel Identity Corporation."

His influence in Christian and Evangelical circles was immense. Even David Baron, in his The History of the Ten "Lost" Tribes, cites claims identifying Hine himself with the "Deliverer" announced in Romans 11:25:

“Are the British people identical with the lost Ten Tribes of Israel? And is the nation, by the identity, being led to glory? If these things are so, then where is the Deliverer? He must have already come out of Zion. He must be doing His great work; He must be amongst us. It is our impression that, by the glory of the work of the identity, we have come to the time of Israel's national salvation by the Deliverer out of Zion, and that Edward Hine and that Deliverer are identical.”

Hine was also engaged in a fairly public dispute with Mildmay Mission to the Jews founder, John Wilkinson.

Hine in turn inspired Edward Wheeler Bird, who eventually came to see Hine as a rival rather than an ally.  The main point of contention between Bird and Hine was that the former tended to identify all Teutonic peoples as descendants of the Israelites, while Hine reserved this status for the Anglo-Saxons (interpreting the name "Saxons" as "sons of Isaac"), preferring for Germany the role of Assyria.

As the institutions created by Bird began to obscure Hine's success in Britain, Hine turned to the United States in search of a new audience. Hine's ideas thus influenced the nascent Anglo-Israelite movement in the United States, where they are still advocated by some Christian white supremacist fringe groups, which turned to antisemitism. For example, Clifton A. Emahiser's "Church of True Israel" identifies the Anglo-Saxons as the true Israelites and the modern Jews as Canaanites who must be exterminated according to Jewish law. This was far from the original purview of Hine’s work. But ideas have consequences.

Likewise, followers of the Christian Identity movement claim that they are descendants of the Biblical Israelites, whereas the Jews are the children of Satan. This development is an inversion of the motivation of Hine, who was in fact a philo-Semite [lover of the Jews]. 

Hine’s views influenced and helped sustain Latter Day Saints / Mormon doctrine regarding American identity with the Lost Tribes; Herbert Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God; John Alexander Dowie and Charles Parham; Charles Taze Russell; and Mary Baker Eddy. All of these emerging movements found it helpful to their “recovery” doctrines to identify themselves or their nation with some special secret long-hidden and now revealed.

Hine, Edward [Ed.] Life from the Dead: Being a National Bell-Ringing Journal Advocating the Identity of the British Nation with the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. Volumes 1 - 7. London. W. H. Guest. 1873-1880. 

Volume I. The Story of Our Birth [History of the Anglo-Israel Movement]; Life From the Dead - Explaining Our Title; Romans 11 - Exposition and Commentary; The Truth of Christianity Displayed in the Coloured Garments of the High Priest by Major R. W. D. Nickle; The Sabbath - An Identity by Edward Hine; Twenty-Seven Reasons why the Modern European Nations Cannot be Parts of Israel by Edward Hine; Jerusalem was never in Judah by T. Paterson; God Requires the Identity of His People Israel; The House of Israel and the Royal Standard of England by Major R. W. D. Nickle; Rude Stone Monuments v. The Great Pyramid by Piazzi Smyth; "Scots" Synonymous with "Wanderers" by J. C. Gawler; Israelitish Surnames of British People - Collected by Captain Henry Edgcumbe Nicolls; The Ten Commandments - An Identity; The Ten Commandments Versus Entering Heaven Immediately after Death; Lost Israel and the British People by Edwin J. Roberts; John Wilkinson Versus Edward Hine; The Hebrew Christian Witness; Chambered Tumuli Versus the Great Pyramid by Piazzi Smyth; The Resettlement of Israel in Syria by Major J. S. Phillips; Ancient Sanctuaries in England by J. B. Barnett; The "Prophet Hine" in the Saturday Review; Sketches for Scripture Study on Israel by A. S.; The Irish Harp of Israelitish Origin by Lieut.-General Palmer; Commentary on Romans IX. The Twenty-Eighth Coming Glory; Cainite, Sethite, and Atheistic Weights and Measures in History by Piazzi Smith; Evidences of Early Maritime Intercourse between the British Islans and Palestine by Professor Tanner; Twenty-Seven Reasons why the Germans cannot be Parts of Israel; The Restoration of the Latter Rain; The Jews are Bound by Honour to Discuss the Question of Our Identity with Lost Israel; Great Pyramid Weights and Measures by Piazzi Smyth; America Identified with Manasseh [series]; The Teutonic Theory; Scripture Emblems [Series - Captain Tracey]; Probably Manner in which the British Nation will come into Possession of Palestine; Time at the Great Pyramid by Piazzi Smyth; etc. 444pp. 

Volume II. Will the Work of Establishing the Identity Take a Long Time? The Identity of Benjamin with the Normans by Harrison Oxley; The Royal Society - Its Reputation for Accuracy Impeached - The Way which the Astronomer Royal for Scotland was Treated [Piazzi Smyth]; The Holy Land Under Restoration; Are We Israelites? The Importance of the Question Considered by A. B. Grimaldi; Words and Phrases Used by the Israelites and in Common Use in the West of England; Ethnology and Etiology at the Great Pyramid by Piazzi Smyth; The Second Coming of Our Lord Viewed in Light of Our Identity with Israel by Edward Hine; Light and Colour Emblematic of Revealed Truth by Major R. W. D. Nickle; The Transit of Venus and the Sun's Distance by Alexander Mackay; The Uses of Our Identity with Lost Israel; Rev. John Wilkinson versus Edward Hine; The Return of Israel cannot be by War; A Lecture on the Apparent Ethnic and Philologic Relations of the British Race by W. J. Cockburn-Muir; Pyramid Letters from the Rev. F. R. A. Glover in Egypt and India, Communicated by Piazzi Smyth; The Earliest Inhabitants of England by Professor Tanner; Identification of the Shepherd the Stone of Israel by Harrison Oxley; Spiritual Israel only in Eternity, not Time; The Supernatural in Religion at the Great Pyramid by Piazzi Smith; The Identification of the Bethel Pillar of Witness, the Stone of Israel; Debate at the London Anthropological Society; The Ethnic Bearings of Britons by Alexander Mackay; The Tribes are not now Separate Nations; Genesis XLIX and Deuteronomy XXXIII Considered by Edward Hine; Letters on the Spread of Great Pyramid Information from F. R. A. Glover; Israel's Resurrection by Philo-Israel; The Identity of Dan by Harrison Oxley; The Facial Difficulty by Thomas Paterson; The Twelve Zodiacal Signs and the Twelve Hebrew Tribes; Israel the Chief of Nation, the Possessor of the Gates by Philo-Israel; The Anglo-Israel Theory Illustrated by the Church of England Liturgy by Canon Titcomb; Some Objections to the Scriptural Evidences of the Identity Considered by Philo Israel [Paper from the Clifton and Bristol Anglo-Israel Association Meetings]; When Did the Hebrews First Settle in Britain? by Cymru; "Israel:" The Christian Nation by Philo-Israel; The Great Pyramid Subject in India by F. R. A. Glover; The Quest of the Supernatural in the Science Day of Man by Piazzi Smyth; etc. 380pp. 

Hine, Edward. Forty-Seven Identifications of the British Nation with the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. Founded Upon Five Hundred Scripture Proofs. Dedicated to the (So-Called) British People by their Kinsman. London. W. H. Guest. 1874. x + 54pp. 

Hine, Edward. The Anglo-Saxon Riddle; Or, The Riddle of our Origin, Present Grandeus, and Future Greatness, by Antiquary, Also its Solution, by Edward Hine, with Important Results Impending to England, her Church & People. London. W. H. Guest. 1876. pp.281-296 [complete]

Hine, Edward. Oxford Wrong in Objecting to the English Being Identical with Israel. Edward Hine's Reply to Canon Rawlinson, Showing that the English Entirely Agree with the Bible Accounts of the Lost Israel in Language, Physical Type, Religious Opinions, Manners and Customs, &c. &c. London. W. H. Guest. Nd. c.1870's. 134-198pp [complete]

Smyth, C. Piazzi; and Edward Hine. England's Coming Glories. By Edward Hine. Being the Fourth Part of the "Identifications of the English Nation with Lost Israel." Containing also The Glory of the Great Pyramid by Professor C. Piazzi Smyth. Glasgow. Hay Nisbet. Nd. c.1870's. 203-280pp. [complete]

Volume III. Germany the Source of Modern Infidelity by W. J. Cockburn Muir; Israel - the Missionary Messenger: God's Witnesses for the Truth by Philo-Israel; When did the Hebrews First Settle in Britain by Cymru; The Scriptural Designation of Israel by Philo-Israel; The Great Pyramid a Sign and a Witness by Harrison Oxley; The Restoration Movement Begun; The Anglo-Israel Post-Bag by Philo-Israel; Israel - The Mountainous Kingdom Set up by the God of Heaven; Israel Would have the Institution of Sunday Schools; The Identity of Benjamin Disraeli by Harrison Oxley; England Must Abolish the Slave Trade; Identity of "The Stone Laid before Joshua" by Harrison Oxley; The Teutonic Theory by Philo Israel; On the Manner of the Return of the Remnant of Israel; The Lord's Two Covenants with the House of Israel; Some Objections to the Identity Considered; The Gothic and Anglian Theories - W. J. Cockburn Muir's Reply to Col. Gawler; The Prodigal Son by Command G. Roberts; On the Manner of the Return of the Remnant of Israel by Thomas T. Gott; If the British be not Israelites, but Merely Gentiles, - What Then? by Philo-Israel; The American Declaration of Independence [and Anglo-Israelism] by Edward Hine; The Identity and Restoration of the Tabernacle of David that is Fallen by Harrison Oxley; Longevity among the Jews; The Glory of the Feast of Tabernacles; Reckoning Years for the Christian Era by Piazzi Smyth; The Highlanders Give Identity Testimony; The Unseen Universe - A Review by Piazzi Smyth; etc. 380pp. 

Volume IV. Our Fourth Year and the Eastern Question by Edward Hine; The Preservation of David's Throne in England by Cymru; The Year of Our Lord; Who Shall Restore the Jews? The Decision by Lot - An Identification; The Great Pyramid; Queen Victoria's Throne and the Case of the Jews; The Ark of the Covenant by Samuel Bradhurst Clark; The Etymology of Ancient Saxon Proper Names of Persons, Based upon the Same Principle as that of the Israelites; The Great Pyramid. A Further Discovery of Universal Interest [Series]; Thy People shall be willing in the Day of Thy Power by W. S. Cavill; The Royal Descent in the Female Line; The Banner of Manasseh by Major R. W. D. Nickle; A National Identity Society; The English and Hebrew Tongues. A Tentative Thesis by W. J. Cockburn-Muir; Israel's Inheritance and the Future Life; The Name of the Lord to be Known for National Salvation by the Identity by Harrison Oxley; The Second Advent by W. S. Cavill; Prophecy for the Time; Israel's Inheritance and the Future Life; The Political Resurrection of the Whole House of Israel by Harrison Oxley; London Monthly Magazine on the Great Pyramid by Piazzi Smyth; The Great Pyramid - The Mete-Span of the Heavens; King David's Throne and the Restoration of Israel by Cymru; The Four Years' Error; The Political Resurrection of the Whole House of Israel by Harrison Oxley; On the Wise Men from the East; The Solar System - The Law of Co-Ordination and the Great Pyramid; Our Identity with Lost Israel by Captain Murray; The Destruction of the Ten-Toed Kingdoms by the Stone Cut Out without Hands by Harrison Oxley; The Will of Peter the Great of Russia; The Second Forth of Elijah the Prophet; Britain - The Place Appointed by God for Israel; Who are the Turks? The Invasion of England - Past and Future; Darwinism; Freemasonry [Free Masonry]; On Certain Prophetic Epochs in Daniel and Revelation; The Sun's Distance and the Pyramid; etc. 380pp. 

Volume V. Lia Fail - A Pillar of Witness by F. R. A. Glover; The Book of the Prophet Jeremiah by Edward Hine; Modern Hieroglyphics of the Apocalypse and Great Pyramid; The Prophetic Year is a Year; Truth More Powerful than Fiction by a Belfast Lady; King David's Throne Unconditionally Permanent by Cymru; Irish Household Words [Connected to Israel] by F. R. A. Glover; Sixes and Sevens; Mount Zion and Jerusalem the Gate of the Lord by Harrison Oxley; Notes on the Eastern Question by Edward Hine; The National Salvation of the British Nation, Israel, of the Lord; Manasseh; King David's House and Seed; The Present War and the Future War of the Races by Thomas Paterson; The Certainty of the Disciples being Benjamites; Israel Among the Gentiles; A Chapter on the Great Pyramid's Grand Step; etc. 380pp.

And similar in volumes VI. and VII. 380 + 384pp. 

All in matching half leather, worn, brittle bindings; contents generally very good, solid and clean with some sporadic pencil markings. Each volume inscribed by Joseph Danks.