1876 ASA MAHAN. The Divine Life Magazine. Higher Life, Keswick, and Healing.
1876 ASA MAHAN. The Divine Life Magazine. Higher Life, Keswick, and Healing.
1876 ASA MAHAN. The Divine Life Magazine. Higher Life, Keswick, and Healing.
1876 ASA MAHAN. The Divine Life Magazine. Higher Life, Keswick, and Healing.

1876 ASA MAHAN. The Divine Life Magazine. Higher Life, Keswick, and Healing.

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Almost the entire first [and only] year of the "Divine Life" magazine, 44 issues in total. The following year it moved to a monthly and quickly dwindled. It's a shame. The content is superb. Very scarce, it remains an important higher life periodical that had intentionally shifted from its roots as the "Banner of Holiness," a Methodist-holiness publication, to more closely align with the emerging ecumenical Keswick and related movements. We have never seen, nor handled this before. 

This was edited by Mahan toward the end of his life. He had been the first President of Oberlin [and was responsible for its radical embrace of female faculty, admission of all races, and the institutions participation in the Underground Railroad]. He was eventually thought too radical by the Board and dismissed. He was replaced by Charles G. Finney, who was thought a moderate choice. That gives us some idea of his level of intensity.

Afterward, he served as President of two more Universities, pastored, and moved to England where he finished his life writing and editing. 

Mahan, Asa [Ed.]. Divine Life and Missionary Witness: Vol 1 No. 1 June 1876 - No. 44 April 1877. London. Haughton Co. 1877. 532pp. 

Contents include:

The Work in Darlington by W. E. Boardman [Series. Boardman was the head of the Bethsan House of Healing, where Andrew Murray received his miraculous healing]

Faith and Circumstances by George Muller

Fruit of the Keswick Conference

Mission Work in Ningpo, China [Letters from Mr. S. P. Barchet and F. G. Whiteman]

Invitation to the Union Conference for the Promotion of Scriptural Holiness or Spiritual Life [including recommendations by W. E. Boardman, Asa Mahan, William Haslam, E. W. Moore, Evan Hopkins, etc.]

Those that Call Upon the Name of Jesus Christ Our Lord by J. B. Figgis

The House of Rest by Charlotte Mason

Mrs. Ginever's Orphan Home [series]

Mildmay Conference Jottings [George Muller, Horatius Bonar, Evan Hopkins, etc.]

Thomas Goodwin, the Puritan, on Holiness by Faith

Intelligence. Report of the Union Conference for the Promotion of Scripture Holiness or Spiritual Life Held at Guild Hall [Asa Mahan, W. E. Boardman, J. B. Figgis, William Haslam, Evan H. Hopkins, etc.]

No Particular Work for Jesus by W. E. Boardman

The Marriage of the Lamb by Thornley Smith

The Higher Christian Life - Its Necessity by George Warner [Series]

Bible Readings by Asa Mahan [Series]

Some Special Work for Jesus by W. E. Boardman

Testing Ground by Mrs. W. E. Boardman

High Time to Awake by William Haslam

Another Calling for Jesus by W. E. Boardman

Satan's Power by Mrs. W. E. Boardman

Jottings from Meetings on Scriptural Holiness at Montmeyran, France

Intelligence - Keswick Conference [Cannon Battersby, H. W. Webb-Peploe, J. B. Figgis, etc.]

Prevailing Prayer and the Coming Great Revival by Charles Graham

Spiritual Victory and Thoughts on the "Higher Life." by William W. Patton

Preparation by W. E. Boardman

A Swiss Theologian on the Oxford and Brighton Doctrine [Theodore Monod].

Just the One Most Wanted by W. E. Boardman

Ellichpoor, India. Power of God in Revival Meetings in India [Extensive Series - Miss Drake]

The Last Sermon Preached by the Rev. William Pennefather

The Five Wonderful "Alls" by J. B. Figgis

Reign of the King by Mrs. W. E. Boardman

Intelligence - Union Conference on Christian Life at Falmouth [Asa Mahan, William Fuller Gooch, etc.]

Intelligence - Switzerland by Mrs. Michael [Elizabeth Baxter]

Mildmay Mission to the Jews

Give Your Cigar to Jesus by J. B. Figgis 

Be of Good Cheer by Anna Warner

Sweet Thoughts of Rev. R. M'Cheyne of Dundee

George Muller's Orphan Houses at Bristol

Mr. George Soltau's Arrival at Bhamo, Burmah

The Vigilance of Faith by W. E. Boardman

Prevailing Prayer by Thornley Smith

The Word of Power by W. Corrie Johnston

Second Conversion by T. D. Marshall

Add to Your Faith, not to Yourself by W. E. Boardman

In Darkness, Light! by Anna Warner

Mr. Moody in Chicago

Christian Holiness by Hannah More

Mr. Moody's New Method in Revival Work

The Work before Us by W. E. Boardman

Progress of the Work in America [John S. Inskip, Camp-Meetings, etc.]

Christmas Musings by J. B. Figgis

Christ Our King by Hetty Bowman

Lucknow Camp Meeting

Henry Varley's Visit to Carlisle

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit as Held and Taught by Mr. Moody by Asa Mahan

Letter from the Missionaries in the Hawaiian Islands [Titus Coan]

Christian Attainment by Harriet Beecher Stowe

The Child Life of the Christian by Mrs. W. E. Boardman. 

Noonday Prayer-meeting of the Young Men's Christian Association at Aldersgate [series]

Our Responsibility in Relation to Israel

The Promise of the Father by Horatius Bonar

The Difference between the Spirit's Manifestation in the Gospel Dispensation and the Preceding Dispensations, or the Fulness of the Spirit by C. Sanderson

To Live is Christ. A Sermon by J. B. Figgis

Mr. Moody in Boston by Asa Mahan