1995 STEVE HILL. Important 2pp Letter Written Week After Beginning of the Brownsville Revival.
1995 STEVE HILL. Important 2pp Letter Written Week After Beginning of the Brownsville Revival.

1995 STEVE HILL. Important 2pp Letter Written Week After Beginning of the Brownsville Revival.

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"Pray for us all. Heaven is falling!" 

A wonderful and extensive two page handwritten letter by Steve Hill, primary evangelist during the Brownsville Revival, written at the beginning of the revival; an important piece of revival history here. 

On Sunday, June 11th, 1995, just one week before the Father's Day service in which the revival began, Steve preached at Northville Assembly of God, a suburb of Detroit. While there, the youth pastor confided in him that God had given him a vision that God would use him to perform signs and wonders. The young pastor was discouraged and reached out to Steve in the week following the service. 

On June 18th, the revival began, and Steve wrote the following letter either the day of the revival's beginning, or in the day or two afterward. It was received by the pastor the same week. 

Meaningfully, Steven quotes Leonard Ravenhill, his personal pastor. Ravenhill had just passed away in November of 1994. This was a deep blow to Steve. I recall Steve phoning me almost immediately. Steve felt it was a handing of the baton that Len died in late 1994 and the revival began less than a year later.

Additionally, it is fascinating to hear a near quotation from "Enemy's Camp" by Andy Park, released earlier that year by Vineyard. It was sung in the opening service of the Revival, perhaps the same day as this letter, and went on to become an anthem of the movement, appearing on the 1995 Winds of Worship Live Album and sung almost nightly for over a year.

The letter reads in full, on Steve's usual "Together in the Harvest" stationary:

"Dear Jason,

Blessings on you and grace for today!

Thanks, so much, for your letter. I appreciate your honesty. It's obvious that God is doing a wonderful work in your life. Please remember . . . He always finishes what he starts! (Phil. 1:6)

I encourage you to 'go after God' with all your heart, soul & strength. You received a vision from the Lord for a purpose. Satan will always try to 'get back' ground that he has lost. If he (the devil) ever comes to you with lies concerning your calling . . . just remember . . . that he is the father of lies and there is no truth in him . . . therefore the opposite must be true. If he says that God won't use you, then the opposite must be true. Jason, God does not contradict himself. Whatever he says . . . he does. His Word is solid. 

Discouragement / frustration are all part of the ministry. Remember always that the ministry can be very lonely. At times it will be just you and Jesus. Don't be looking for everyone to always be standing with you. Leonard Ravenhill used to always tell me, 'God has secrets, and he reveals them to his chosen few. Be one of God's favorites.' I'll never forget his words. God will always have his Elijahs, Elishas, Pauls, Peters, and Johns. Determine today to be one of those 'called of the Lord.' 

Relax concerning the future. If you are close to him today, he will lead you into tomorrow. Don't worry about making mistakes. Be like Peter. Be the one who steps out of the boat. Some might say, 'Well, Peter began to sink!' My answer to that is, 'Well, at least he stepped out of the boat! Do you know anyone else who walked on water?' To that, most people just clam up.

Step out of the boat. Let God use you right there at the church. You have a tremendous opportunity to expand your ministry gifts. 

Let's stay in touch. I'm sending you a copy of Samuel Chadwick's thoughts on being a preacher. He was Leonard Ravenhill's Pastor in England. 

Keep a journal. Write down what God is saying and doing in your life. Steal away time with Jesus. Break away from your friends and spend quiet hours with the Lord. Know him and everything else will fall into place. (Mk 6:33)

Your brother,

p.s. Pray for us! All Heaven is falling in our services! Bless the Lord!"

Slight wrinkles, but very finely preserved. Even a lovely little fingerprint ink smudge from Steve. 

This may well be the earliest letter extant after the beginning of one of the most significant religious moments of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Today, there are thousands of pastors, missionaries, and earnest Christian workers who trace their call to those services in Brownsville, Florida.